Choquequirao: Citadel that is closer to Machu Picchu

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Your name "chuqui k'iraw" from the Quechua of our ancestors and have a meaning of "Cradle of Gold" is one of the most important and extensive, similar to the citadel of Machu Picchu archeological complex.

The complex is located in the Andean plateau in the province of La Convencion (Vilcabamba). Many archaeologists indicate that this is one of the many lost citadels in the area, and were places where the Incas took refuge in the year 1536.

In the complex you can see 9 sectors, of all them are the political and religious center, channels with aqueducts, source systems and group covers, all of which are on an esplanade which is complemented by your system well preserved terracing .

Fact: The first mention of the existence of the archaeological complex of Choquequirao, was thanks to the research of Cosme Bueno at Cachora town in 1768.

Choquequirao Archeological Complex Choquequirao divided into sectors