Note Machu Picchu through 360 ° photos

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(Photo courtesy Airpano /

For travelers the act of taking pictures in the various trips made worldwide, is the main activity that takes place once in place, but in the same way each and every adventurous tourist comes to having the best photograph of the area as it goes.

Facilities taking pictures there but not all enjoy these privileges, which is why to reach more distant destinations, we just have to make do with photographs. But as everything moves a portal today in the internet shows the personar see images in a very different way than usual, photographs taken at 360 °.

The site manager of this project and who offers this service is Airpano, formed by a group of twelve Russian photographers who formed the nonprofit project and in order that people may have unique experiences of the place you want to visit without traveling .

The following shows the images that we speak (360 photos), in them you will see the detail of each place, for this example we show photographs of Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu, routes, etc.