Machu Picchu is twinned with Otama

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Machu Picchu is twinned with Otama

The small town of Otama a town of 8,500 inhabitants, located in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan, has been twinned with the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, becoming the first such proposal accepts the Peruvian people.

Since long time, Machu Picchu has received substantial proposals for twinning given its status as a world heritage site, which so far had not been given not find any connection with applicants, said Ambassador of Peru in Japan, Elard scale, was quoted by the newspaper Asahi.

"We wanted to establish the first twinning agreement with the place of origin of Nouchi, a man with whom Peruvians are in debt," said Scale.

Refreshing her memory; Yokichi Nouchi, natural Otama, emigrated to Peru in 1917, working on the railroad that leads to Aguas Calientes where he is to stop to climb the mountain of Machu Picchu, to this end he moved to these lands to the mid 20 There he participated in the construction of a water plant and one of the first hotels in Aguas Calientes, also performing the duties of head of the remote village for two years, always favoring tourism development of the site until his death in 1969.

This legacy was starring Nouchi prompted Machu Picchu to propose twinning agreement with Otama, agreement was delayed for several years because the Japanese people did not have the necessary funds to send its officials to Peruvian citadel, he said Japanese newspaper, that is where Cesar Yoshiro Nouchi grandson Yokichi Nouchi and living in Nagoya (Central Japan), contributed to the realization of the first visit in 2012 by the authorities of Otama Machu Picchu, where next October will take place twinning ceremony.

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