Commitments were taken to reduce pollution in Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail.

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Commitments were taken to reduce pollution in Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail.

After staggering that occurred, where it is reported that the Inca Trail and the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu generate 6.3 tons monthly, in addition to generating average daily ton in the town of Aguas Calientes, tour operators pledged to strengthen segregation of solid waste generated.

To belittle waste generation in Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, more than 100 travel agencies and tourism have made important commitments, which indicate that with the support of organizations involved directly with the management of culture, such as SERNANP Address Decentralized Culture - Cusco, among others, gradually implement plans for the reduction in solid waste generation.

According to an average of 500 people daily enter the Inca Trail (including tourists, guides, support staff and / or stevedores); which generate an average of 210 Kilos daily, which suggests that the month, a total of 6.3 tons per month, which are removed daily to prevent contamination in the area is generated, since to do so would affect the environment General (fauna and flora).

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How will the plan be carried out?

Because it can not alter the number of visitors, because this would affect the income generated this way, the strategy will be implemented by the leadership of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and SERNANP, carried out a series of sensitization and generate rules and so more safely control the contamination that could cause the chucking of solid waste; also it should be noted that one of the main guidelines to be followed will be the change of plastic bags by the cloth bags or jute as well as using toyuco for wrapping all the snacks and take track of the amount of plastic containers or glass entering and leaving the Inca Trail, as well as reducing the consumption of batteries and others.

It is expected that the third week of January next 2016 is already formed the "Environmental Committee of the road network Incas" (CARCI) which will consist of representatives of the Tourism and charge operators for the implementation and monitoring of the agreements taken, always in coordination with the SERNAMP.

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