They projected that tourism between Peru and Ecuador to grow 10% in 2016

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They projected that tourism between Peru and Ecuador to grow 10% in 2016

Because the facilities given to the citizens of both countries through the Binational cabinets, tourism between the two countries increased by 10%, and informed the ambassador of Ecuador in Peru, Jose Sandoval.

He further indicated that, thanks to a significant extent between the two parties was to give free movement for its citizens, "going beyond the standards of other countries", because thanks to this measure, citizens may remain outside their country to about 180 days, provided they are for tourism.

"Our projections indicate that tourism between the two sides will grow again, we are talking about ten percent, that is, tourism will increase on both sides," said Sandoval, who also said that in order to increase the days of permanence Peruvians and Ecuadorians tourists, it is to encourage tourism, which is a source of employment and resources for both nations.

"For Ecuador Peruvian tourists are the largest group since last year (2015) were 175,000 tourists visited the country and Ecuadorians are the fourth most important for Peru group because they were 225,000, ie they are Ecuadorian tourists come to Peru, Peruvians go to Ecuador, "he said, perhaps because Peru is one of the privileged countries that have a Wonder of the World as Machu Picchu.

Jose Sandoval, also indicated that the promotion of tourism had focused only on air transport, ie routes between Lima - Quito and Lima - Guayaquil and vice versa, without seeing the great demand could offer the Panamerican Highway for tourism border, allowing passage for tourists from both countries, which in certain months of the year are higher than the tourists crossing the border by air.

"This can boost the economy of the border area, but also Ecuadorians tourists can get to Piura, Sullana, Tumbes, Chiclayo and vice versa, also Ecuadorian cities," the Ecuadorian ambassador, saying that thanks to this is expected to break the centralism which favors only the capitals or largest cities of both countries.

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