Images of Machu Picchu in new video for the British band One Direction

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The British band released their promotional video "History" on youtube in it you can see a record of your visit to the imperial city of Cusco.

The wave of rumors of their final separation has sat well "One Direction" to launch the official video for "History" on his youtube channel, an issue in which precisely reflect on the five years that have passed together as a band and in which, by the way, thank you to fans for his faithfulness in all this time , but undoubtedly the happiest are Peruvian fans and it is that in the mentioned clip, the youth band fondly remembers the visit that made to Machu Picchu.

"One Direction" announced the premiere of "History" through social networks. In the images, not only appreciate Machu Picchu, but also to the former member Zayn Malik, who decided to pull out of the grouping last year, because it have a normal life.

As part of the video clip you can see images of the visit that two of the members of One Direction made to the city of Cusco in 2014, when the Group visited the Perú for a concert at the National Stadium. Also appreciates the balconazo given by singers from the balcony of the Westin Hotel in the city of Lima, hotel where he stayed.

One Direction 

After the premiere of "History", fans of "One Direction" will not hesitate to make the video trend. In addition, they became to Machu Picchu more mentioned on Twitter. Fans from around the world expressed their excitement at the recent launch

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