Initiated plan for the discovery of Machu Picchu Inca ruins in

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Initiated plan for the discovery of Machu Picchu Inca ruins in

By performing an intersectoral minutes signed by the Decentralized Cultural Department of Cusco, SERNANP and Technical Secretariat of the UGM, an outstanding warrant for conducting overflights from a helicopter on the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and National Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu it was conducted all with strictly scientific, multidisciplinary and future enhancement of new findings of settlements and Inca roads that could be found around the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu research.

This project includes four days flyover began on Tuesday May 31 and ending on June 7 with a maximum flight time of 1:30 hours. and a minimum height of thousand meters, overflights comprise an area of 5,000 hectares.

The helicopter overflight was for scientific purposes

The head of the DDCC, Econ. Daniel Maraví Vega Centeno said that during overflights ship some kind of laser signals to be used by collecting data and a modern computer system and at the forefront of technology can capture images of surfaces covered with vegetation and immediate soil layers and to detect Inca trails, archaeological remains, Inca channels, complex among others.

"This is the LIDAR technology, which has already been used successfully in other countries and will identify archaeological remains that are covered by dense vegetation" added Maraví Vega Centeno.

The helicopter overflight was for scientific purposes

On the other hand, Fernando Astete, director of the Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu, explained that the use of a helicopter - despite being prohibited - seeks to accelerate the work search for the archaeological remains excavation, recovery are made and put in value.

After the last sampling, it is expected to work for the next six months or so to define what was found and the work to be done with them.

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