Machu Picchu meets tomorrow ninth anniversary as World Wonder, look here the program

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Machu Picchu meets tomorrow ninth anniversary as World Wonder, look here the program

The Municipality of Machu Picchu is in preparations to mark the ninth anniversary, after Machu Picchu was declared as one of the new 7 Wonders of the world last July 7, 2007 in a contest via online which involved more than 100 million voting.

Machu Picchu is party

It was known that the celebrations began on Wednesday July 6 with the following program:

  • 09:00 hrs. International seminar called "Sumaq Kawsay" by regional and national exhibitors in the auditorium of the Municipality
  • 10:00 hrs. food fair at which exhibitors from the Andean dishes from the region will meet, as the main contestants will be representatives from nearby communities and belonging to the municipality.
  • 16:00 hrs. Introducing the infographic called "Machu Picchu Conservation and Development" which will be held in the cultural center of the Ministry of Culture, in this presentation the participation of representatives of major cultural institutions such as the National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State is expected (SERNANP), Machupicchu, Desconcentrada Directorate of Culture (CDR) and the Municipality of Machu Picchu.
  • 18:00 hrs. Parade with the participation of public and private institutions, associations and rural communities, neighborhoods and others; the starting point is the municipal stadium Nauchi Jose Portillo and ending at the Plaza de Armas of Aguas Calientes.
  • 19:00 hrs. Dramatization of INKARY that will have as main character actor Cusqueño Nivardo Castillo
  • 20:00 hrs. Constellations night by the anthropologist Dante Salas, where the population will have the opportunity to observe using telescopes installed the Andean sky and constellations that cover the southern hemisphere.
  • 23:45 hrs. Castles Burning in honor of the IX Anniversary of Machu Picchu as a Wonder of the World by the company TRAMUSA.

Machu Picchu is party

For the main day July 7 has the following schedule:

  • 06:30 hrs. Pututeros thunder of the four yours.
  • 07:00 hrs. Tourist reception station PERURAIL.
  • 08:00 hrs. Te Deum Mass at the Virgen del Carmen Temple of the Town of Aguas Calientes by Monsignor Richard Daniel Alarcón Urrutia Archbishop of Cusco.
  • 09:00 hrs. Hoisting of Flags at the Plaza de Armas.
  • 09:10 hrs. Solemn Session and appreciation to the managers of the World Wonder, the authorities of the Regional Governor, entrepreneurs and personalities and important families of Machu Picchu Pueblo.
  • 11:00 hrs. Home civic institutions parade items (II.EE, Rural Communities, Associations, Restaurants, Hotels, Transport).
  • 13:00 hrs. Institutional lunch.
  • 15:00 hrs. MACHUPICCHU haylli staging of Inca ceremony with actor Cusqueño Nivardo Carrillo.
  • 16:30 hrs. Presentation of typical dances of the area.
  • To close the day features the presentation of the Symphony Orchestra Andina Cusco and presentation of musical groups.


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