10 Steps tips for your excursion to Inca Trail

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10 Steps tips for your excursion to Inca Trail

Lately Machu Picchu has become one of the archaeological sites most visited by tourists worldwide, to reach this wonder of the world there are two ways, the first is through a trip by train to the town of Aguas Calientes and then take a bus that will take us to the entrance door Machu Picchu and the second option is traveling a part of what was once the ancestral Inca Trail, which has more than five centuries of history it served as a means of communication in the Inca empire, today it is possible to tour the 42 kilometers leading to the citadel of Machu Picchu.

This tour requires a 4-day trek where you can see during the trip some monuments and archaeological sites that remain in force, in addition to stunning natural areas like snowy mountains, rivers and streams.

Because the hike requires a moderate level of sacrifice is advisable to do it knowing that the body if it will hold, and if for example even suffer from altitude sickness or are hungover, we recommend not make; on the other hand we all know that Machu Picchu is a unique place and the simple act of visiting will leave mark on our lives, but have done after making a sacrificial 4-day trek make the experience much more complete, even you will feel superior to all other people who are around you, then have the strange feeling they do not deserve to be there and you if, in addition, after the experience of being four days in the field, up to the snow, down to the banks of the river, and through Inca bridges you will feel a little more adventurous, which will give the sure you will enjoy it much more than the rest.

Therefore, here are 10 guidelines that will make make the Inca Trail is one of the best experiences of your life.

1. Be sure to make reservations for Trekking

Tickets to access the Inca Trail are limited, so once cornered all quotas will be no way to access, so it is essential plan your trip time especially if you're going in peak season, to help you with your reservation we recommend you contact the travel agency machu Picchu Travel, who will be delighted to help and guide you from your arrival at the Imperial Cusco city, your hotel, your mobility, your tours, the Inca Trail, accommodation in the town of Aguas Calientes machu Picchu, your train tickets, tickets to Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu, to your return.

10 Steps tips for your trip Inca Trail

2. If you plan to climb Huayna Picchu, do not let the last minute

Access to the mountain Huayna Picchu is even more restricted than same Inca Trail, so if you intend to climb, we recommend that you do not leave it to the last minute because if you do it is very possible that you stay with the desire to climb, along the stretch to the top of this mountain is a bit steep so you need to do it according to your physical condition (after the Inca Trail) and the time required. finally reach Machu Picchu and unable to climb the Huayna Picchu and take that picture how much you have imagined it could be that your day end badly.

10 Steps tips for your trip Inca Trail

3. Make a good backpack.

Is that perhaps a tip that always says, but interestingly it is also the least do remember that the Inca Trail lasts 4 days so it is necessary that always have that each gram sum, takes what is necessary for example just a pair of shoes with good grip and sandals as footwear, carrying poles to change you whenever you sweat, and a pair of divers is more than enough, and a rain poncho, remember that anger weight increasing as berries so moving out an ergonomic backpack and weighing distributed by straps chest and waist will be very helpful.

10 Steps tips for your trip Inca Trail

4. Pay attention to footwear

Another thing of great importance during your journey in the Inca Trail is the footwear, many tourists have stayed with the sole hands halfway, remember that during the journey there is nothing more than a path to go, so if you break the shoes finished in a large trouble, obviously not advisable to bring some new shoes, because all you get are likely to be some blisters gift not recommend you take any type of booty and less heavy, you bring a pair of high-top sneakers grippy will be sufficient.

10 Steps tips for your trip Inca Trail

5. Acclimation

Because during the course of the road will go through a sort of obstacles such as 4200 meters that awaits you in one of the peaks, we suggest acclimate completely up before making this journey, because if you start the journey the next day to have reached Cusco will be like playing Russian roulette, which is why we recommend that before starting the trek Inca Trail have at least 2 days in the city of Cusco these measures are very necessary and logical so could end up having a hard time if we decided to do without them.

10 Steps tips for your trip Inca Trail

6. Protect yourself from the rain

This advice seems patently obvious, but if you are planning to perform the Inca Trail in the rainy season is better take the necessary measures, as if rain and humidity reach your spare clothes or your sleeping bag honestly be lost, if anything amengua moral rather than fatigue itself is moisture, spend a day with wet clothes is one of the worst feelings in the world and it is much worse if you're in the Inca Trail, therefore we recommend you always take your clothes move within plastic bags in your backpack, it is also always necessary to take your ponchos for water.

10 Steps tips for your trip Inca Trail

7. Dispenses your physical effort

Remember that the path of the Inca Trail has 42 kilometers, so we recommend do not try to be first, this is a race long-winded, so try not to exhaust yourself in the first 10 kilometers, it is normal whole group reaches the final stages hours apart, nothing happens, everyone should bring their pace and be aware that if the next day there more way to go.

10 Steps tips for your trip Inca Trail

8. always carries a cane

The cane is always a great booster for all kinds of hiking, not just for the ups (it helps you momentum) but also for the descents because it will help control slips, plus your knees will thank you, we recommend that you buy canes they sell at the gateway to Inca Trail, because if you take yours may not let you use it by having the metal tip, so it is best avoided.

10 Steps tips for your trip Inca Trail

9. Mingle and meet people

All walks in the Inca Trail are made with a relatively large group of people so the share experiences and experiences with others which are part of the group such as other tourists, people in the organization and the carriers is a very good idea; you also have the option to do so in a more personal environment but is not only a bad idea but it is also impossible, because due to the amount of time when they will be together how at meals, dinners, explanations of the places etc. just in the end creating a small family which makes this even more wonderful experience.

10 Steps tips for your trip Inca Trail

10. Enjoy the journey not every day do the same

Finally we suggest that enjoy all that entails performing the Inca Trail, such as meals, people, landscapes and archaeological sites where you're going to go further should definitely consider the option of taking the Inca Trail as a process before putting the cherry on the cake and reach the imposing Machu Picchu; Remember that what you will take all this you will the good times, immortalized in your mind the sunrise from intipunku, Perenna in your retinas the first sight of Machu Picchu and especially not miss the opportunity to get you as many photos as possible, for they will bring one of the best times of your life, the Inca Trail.

10 Steps tips for your trip Inca Trail

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