From tour to Machu Picchu: Itati Cantoral joins the celebrities who are amazed to know Machu Picchu

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The tour to Machu Picchu is an enriching experience that everyone wants to experience and celebrities are no exception. The 90's actress, Itati Cantoral, remembered for her iconic Soraya character from the novel “María la del Barrio”, has arrived in Peru to realize her dream of knowing Machu Picchu.

Through her social networks the well-known actress shared her thousands of fans, the photographs with her beloved family.

Itatí Cantoral, announced this news through his social networks by sharing with his thousands of young followers photographs with his family, the last of his children, his eleven-year-old child, María Itatí.

Faced with the great reception that her character had in our country, the artist could not go unnoticed during her visit to Peru, trying to blend in with the thousands of visitors who come to our country to make the tour to Machu Picchu.

Through his social networks "Soraya", he published videos and photos of his tour of the citadel of Machu Picchu on the luxury train Hiram Bingham. His visit encouraged many Peruvians that we remember his famous role in the soap opera "María la del Barrio", where he played the villain called "Soraya Montenegro" with many phrases that are now memes of popular culture.

The famous Mexicans and the world have traveled to our lands to make the unforgettable tour to Machu Picchu and now Itati Cantoral joins the list. Come and take the tour of your life, don't wait any longer and travel!

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