On tour in Machu Picchu: Japan, Thailand, Ireland, Switzerland and Ghana celebrated Pisco Sour Day

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The tour to Machu Picchu is one of the experiences we all want to do at least once in a lifetime. Peru is a destination that has many attractions, beautiful natural destinations, a world-class cuisine including, of course, its flagship liquor, pisco.

Pisco sour is recognized in many countries of the world and still crosses borders. It currently crosses borders of countries such as Japan, Thailand, Switzerland and Ghana, among others. This recent first of February, was celebrated on the day of the Peruvian pisco, in many countries their day was celebrated with tastings, delivery of recipes and demonstrations of how our flag cocktail is prepared, declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation in 2007.

Through Ministerial Resolution No. 44-2003-Produce, February 1 was established as Pisco Sour Day, with the aim of promoting the consumption of this delicious cocktail "purely Peruvian and internationally recognized".

One of the countries that hosted this celebration was Japan. The Peruvian Embassy in Japan summoned a hundred people to taste our representative cocktail, pisco - a distillate based on fermented pisco grapes. But it was not only pisco sour, Peruvian dishes like ceviche, stuffed cause and octopus were also offered to the olive tree. They gave demonstrations of how to prepare the emblematic drink and showed the main restaurants and bars in Tokyo where you can enjoy Peruvian food and drink.

The famous cocktail made with pisco, lemon juice, egg white, angostura bitter and ice, in Thailand was promoted with promotional events in the different bars of the city of Bangkok, celebrating the “Pisco Day” among its attendees. The Thai public received with great interest and enthusiasm this event, in particular, its most famous cocktail: pisco sour.

In Ireland, Dublin celebrated Pisco Sour Day with a presentation organized by the Embassy of Peru in Ireland at the historic Irish pub The Lombard, incorporating in our letter our grape-based preparation.

For its part, in Switzerland, more than a dozen restaurants offering Peruvian food in Switzerland in cities such as Carouge, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lutry and Zurich, provided pisco promotions within their drinks menu, as proof of integration from the community of nationals and the opening of the Swiss people to the Peruvian territory.

The Peruvian Embassy in the Republic of Ghana held in Little Havana Latin restaurant, with members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the Government, media artists, congressmen and Peruvian residents in the African country, offering a tasting of the traditional Peruvian preparation and our gastronomy.

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